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Don't Step to Ron

by WCW Rap Group

"none" rhymes with "Ron"

 i’m like a big grizzly bear outta the woods that has not ate.

Man Called Sting

by WCW Rock N Roll Band

this is the real Sting theme

MAAAAN called steeeehng

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Can you rank TNA's 5 lowest and 56 highest points?

No. Most of the time I watched TNA I was embarrassed. And then sometimes they’d have some awesome matches. The high points are all matches. The low points are all everything else.

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If you where in Dixie Carter situation right now what would you do? Sell to vkm or just go back to doing a weakly ppv for $9.99? Or step down as president and let someone else handle it?
  1. Cut all ties with Vince Russo
  2. Apologize to the talent and staff for so carelessly and recklessly endangering their jobs
  3. Bust ass trying to find a decent TV deal in the next two months
  4. If all else fails, sell the library and some contracts to Vince
  5. Delete my Twitter account

Hulk Hogan Donates Hair To Lucky Locks Of Love Recipient

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what are your 5 favourite wrestlers in the wwe roster atm?

Daniel Bryan & Bad News Barrett would be here (Barrett might be my No. 1 for this year) but they’re on the shelf for a while so I’ll skip them.

  1. Big E: I’m really into Big E right now, you guys. If anyone needs any proof of Big E’s excellence, look no further than his outstanding brawls with Rusev. Big E is like a big ass Dolph Ziggler flying all over the place, except he doesn’t dress like Billy Gunn, or use Billy Gunn’s finisher, or clearly idolize Billy Gunn, or remind me of Billy Gunn.
  2. Sheamus: I’m really hot on Sheamus this year, you guys. I feel like nobody’s noticing him having a really excellent 2014. His matches are always good. Even with the Miz.
  3. Seth Rollins: He still needs that breakout singles match, but my guess is he gets it at SummerSlam.
  4. Brock Lesnar: I say this every time he comes around, but Lesnar adds the danger and the unpredictability that the generally more flaccid WWE sorely lacks the rest of the time.
  5. Dean Ambrose: HEY! Dean might be pulling Cesaro out of his Heyman funk!


I think I may have seen my life’s fill of Chris Jericho as a part-time wrestler, to be honest.

Cesaro would usually be here but dude has FLAT OUT SUCKED between WrestleMania and the Heyman split. Like, it wasn’t even just that he and Heyman were boring together. It’s that Cesaro went into a slump, too. He’s too good to stay there. Think of it like Eric Hosmer sucking so hard through the All-Star break this year. Obviously he’s eventually going to start hitting.

Derf Zerger’s story of constant failure is starting to work for me.

The Miz’s new character is what he’s here to do. I mean, I don’t think he should be here at all, because he sucks so bad, but at least this character is what he does well. He’s still a bag of ass as a wrestler.

Bray Wyatt’s lost most of his steam but that can change at any moment. I think he might be in his cool-him-down period that WWE digs on doing. Then he’ll probably just win the WWE title or whatever.

Can Kane get a nice six-month paid vacation? I’m not even saying no more Kane ever. I’m just saying that character is dead as shit right now. Give the big guy a little time off.

My actual favorite WWE personality is Stephanie McMahon, and that’s not even 0.01% a joke.

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Not that it's done for, but who was the one wrestler that defined TNA, what it was all about good or bad?

In reality: Sting. Sting is kind of a would-be A-list wrestler who was never REALLY that guy. He was a franchise for the years WCW couldn’t draw shit. He was a good B-side in his prime, and floundered as an A-side. So obviously piece of shit TNA desperately needed to have him for his wrestling in a t-shirt years. Sting is everything wrong with TNA’s history. I don’t mean this as a shot at Sting, either. It’s a shot at TNA. There were 100 better things to focus on than fucking Sting for a wrestling company in the 2000s, but Sting was their meaningless “win” over WWE. They had the guy who’d never been to WWE. They put him in their laughable “TNA Hall of Fame.” Meanwhile they never actually existed in the same fucking galaxy as WWE. But they had Sting!

Alternate choice: Vince Russo, or Hogan/Bischoff. Yeah, pick up the turds that all managed to kill WCW dead. That’s who I’d want!

Should’ve been: AJ Styles. Homegrown, for all it matters. Top-tier talent. Got over with their audience fast. Helped establish the X division, which was a neat thing they could have used to separate from WWE. Made himself one of their top guys. Feuded with and had good runs with almost everyone important in TNA history. Coincidentally, his career is going a-ok since he finally got the fuck out of there and stopped wasting his career.

Ric Flair

by Killer Mike

I remember when I first got this album. I listened to this track constantly. Still dig it.



John Cena sings Cody Rhodes’ Theme Song

I feel u john

I feel u

That entrance theme is my jam!

goddamn it every time I see this reblogged I walk around the next two days doing this shit

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I think we can all agree that TNA peaked when that dwarf pulled a gun on Jeff Jarrett

Yes, TNA deserves to die, and I hope it burns in hell