Blood, and urine, and vomit.

a message from reelinplace

Your Kevin Nash DVD is missing that time where Nash got drunk at a Nitro and jumped in a pool, which given the number of times he brings it up is the biggest moment of his career.

Yeah, I think he’d demand that getting its own chapter. It’s the greatest story of Kevin Nash’s life.

a message from Anonymous

you hate the rock cause of his homophobia but you love the briscoes?

Yeah, life is filled with hypocrisies. If only everything could make sense, but it doesn’t. If Jay Briscoe’s promos were “you seem like you like to have sex with MEN!” then I wouldn’t like those promos. I also like AJ Styles the wrestler even though he’s a real life aggressive homophobe and the type of person I wouldn’t like at all. To be fair, IRL I probably wouldn’t hang out with any of these motherfuckers.

Maybe Mark Briscoe.

a message from Anonymous

Forgot super shredder, the apex of his acting career

That’s an extra.

Kevin Nash DVD table of contents

  1. Growing Up in Detroit
  2. Basketball
  3. Bouncing at a Strip Club
  4. WCW
  5. LOL WCW Sucks
  6. LOL WCW Sucks Still
  7. Becoming Friends with Shawn Michaels
  8. Intercontinental Champion
  9. The Kliq, What a Great Bunch of Guys
  10. WWF Champion, Great Success
  11. Rock n’ Jock Softball
  12. That One Really Great Match with Shawn Michaels
  13. Terrible WCW Steals Diesel
  14. The Outsiders
  15. nWo: How Kevin Nash Was the Key to the nWo For the Purposes of This DVD
  16. nWo Wolfpac: LOL WCW Sucks Again
  17. WCW World Champion
  18. Finger Poke: LOL WCW Sucks to Death
  19. Nash: The Comic Book
  20. nWo in WWE: WCW Suck Dust Kills Great Idea of Old Men Invading
  21. Feuding with The Game, Greatest Sports Entertainer
  22. The Punisher
  23. (Footage Missing)
  24. Royal Rumble Return
  25. Why Did We Have Kevin Nash Wrestling in 2011
  26. NXT
  27. Honorary Member of DX
  28. Really Happy Stories About How Great Kevin Nash Is and the Lasting Impact He Has on This Business

a message from Anonymous

You know what I'd put on the Kevin Nash DVD set? His appearance on MTV's Rock N' Jock softball.

Hell yeah. He hit what would have been a home run but it went foul. Then Cecil Fielder’s fat son got to bat.

a message from jumbodont4getg

Back to my last question who would you hire to replace jerry lawyer?

I’d just bring Regal up for RAW, and put JBL on Smackdown only. JBL without Lawler is alright. Or start Regal on Smackdown and move him over when the audience is more used to him. Whatever.

a message from Anonymous

Why doesn't Kevin Nash have a DVD set?

What the fuck would you put on it? He had like two good matches.

a message from Anonymous

If/when TNA folds, who are the 5 talent that WWE should acquire?
  1. Jeff Hardy
  2. Matt Hardy
  3. The Wolves
  4. Velvet Sky
  5. Rockstar Spud

a message from Anonymous

1. The 5 opponents you would feed to Brock between now and wrestlemania.

They really don’t have anyone who’s any type of credible threat to him right now. If the idea is to get to WrestleMania and have Roman Reigns take over, then I guess I’d go:

  1. John Cena (again)
  2. Sheamus?
  3. both Usos at once?
  4. Big E?
  5. The Great Khali?

They have shit for top babyfaces.

a message from Anonymous

Three Wrestlers who need to hang it up / Three Wrestlers who need a better push?


  1. Rey Mysterio. He’s had a wonderful, legendary, extremely influential career, and he’s done. He’s been done. I really admired the way he changed his style as he became a bit more physically limited, and became a More Complete Worker, as people like to say (which is some ol’ hogshit, give me warp speed Rey any day), but it’s just over now. He’s too beaten up.
  2. Tommy Dreamer. I hate Tommy Dreamer.
  3. Bayley. Get out of here, you psycho.


  1. Sheamus. He’s one of the best dudes on the roster and has been delivering killer matches all year with everyone, and they “don’t know what to do with him.” Here’s an idea: put him in a feud with someone. I swear to God, when guys are killing it, they have a hard time figuring out what to do with them, but they can come up with shit for The Miz?
  2. Big E. I’m conflicted on this one, kinda. Here’s the thing: I think Big E’s “mic skills” suck. I find him really annoying and forced, like a 14 year old trying really hard to be funny. Big E reminds of that horrible Nickelodeon program “All That.” There’s nothing I hate more than kids doing comedy. But he’s also fucking awesome in the ring. He throws himself all over the damn place. Had kickass matches with Rusev. He’s been really good in the ring all year. But again, like Sheamus, they can’t figure out what to do with him, because they can only manage to come up with stories for about six people at a time, which means we get the same fucking matches on RAW over and over and over and over forever.
  3. William Regal. As cute as it is that he’s the NXT GM, I don’t give a fuck about NXT or about GMs. Regal is the best commentator in wrestling today and he should be on RAW with Cole. I guarantee you, Michael Cole is a lot better than he seems like he is stuck with JBL and Lawler.

a message from jumbodont4getg

You go to sleep one wake up the next day as Triple H, what's the first 10 thing you do?
  1. Stephanie
  2. Eat a real fancy rich person breakfast
  3. Stephanie
  4. Work out
  5. Go buy a killer El Camino
  6. Stephanie
  7. Fire Jerry Lawler
  8. Stephanie
  9. Call Lawler back to confirm he’s fired
  10. Stephanie

Andre the Giant


Andre the Giant

a message from laconfidential626

I don't think it is horrible saying Benoit would be dead already. There is potential for that with his steroid use that could have led to heart failure. I would like to think Benoit would still be wrestling, as I loved it when Benoit locked up with Brock. But I get the feeling that he may have been phased out or decided to reduce his role. I could see Benoit taking a position at the Performance Center playing a hand in molding the young boys. Giving back to the business he loved. Too optimistic?

Nah, that’s possible. 

a message from Anonymous

What do you think Benoit would be doing by now if he was still alive and never... well, you know. Would he still be wrestling for the WWE? I can't imagine a toothless, cauliflower-ed Benoit rocking a suit backstage like Dean Malenko.

You know, this is going to sound horrible and probably cost me a handful of followers, but if I’m being totally honest, Benoit would probably be dead by now, anyway. That guy was destroying his body in various ways for a long time.

If he were alive, honestly, I don’t know how sharp his mind would be, either.

But let’s say he’s alive and his mind is still intact. Then he’s wrestling. Somewhere. Anywhere. It’s what he did.

a message from Anonymous

Thoughts of Prince Devitt & Kevin Steen? Prince Devitt looks like he's going to be bringing his A game big time.

I don’t know shit about that guy who paints himself like Spider Man or whatever, but Kevin Steen is delightfully fat.